Introducing The Agricultural Industries Of Momtazan Industrial Company

Kerman Distinguished Industries Company has spread culture, initiative, innovation and the establishment of a research and production department for production machinery, which has taken effective steps with more than thirty years of experience in machine building in various fields, including manufacturing, installation and commissioning of industrial equipment.
Also, this company is one of the largest manufacturers of pistachio processing machines and one of the primary pioneers in manufacturing completely hygienic and fully automatic terminals of this product in Iran.
Nine of the company's products have patents in Iran and the United States under the name of Mr. Mohammad Nakhaeinejad (founder of Momtazan Industrial Company of Kerman).
In recent years, the company has also exported to various countries such as Spain, Australia, Greece, Russia, Turkey and Syria, etc.
Skin terminals, cleansing and separation
Pistachio continuous canal terminals
Pistachio roasting terminals
Pistachio Laughing Terminals (MO)
Pistachio kernel terminals
Wind generator, frost resistance




Central Office & Factory:

5th Km of Zangiabad Road, Kerman, Iran
Tel:  (+98-34) 32752500-6
Fax: (+98-34) 32752507



Tehran Office:

Unit9 - 4th Floor, No.2, 72 Ave.,
Seyed Jamaledin Asadabadi Street, Tehran-Iran
Tel:  (+98-21) 88611870-78
Fax: (+98-21) 88611869